SocialWhir is created by two individuals, both majored in Computer Science, however, halfway down the college, they realized that their passion lies somewhere else: in politics and sharing their views with the world. Which is why they created SocialWhir.

SocialWhir is mostly going to contain listicles, mind-boggling facts, inspirational quotes, and how-to guides from time-to-time.  

Since they are passionate about both politics and other social issues, SocialWhir will entail everything from prevailing social and political issues to the know-how of fashion (with a couple of blogs about food, sports, and tech in between.)

SocialWhir is a media property that strives to engage people through news, views, thoughts, and ideas on a variety of topics like Politics, Social Issues, Food, Sports, Tech, and Fashion.

The purpose of this blog is to share and spread the unbiased information and knowledge amongst the youth around the world.