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20 Amazing Facts About Cheetos That Will Probably Blow Your Mind

Yummy cheese-flavored, puffed snacks Cheetos is super popular across the whole world.  Cheetos is manufactured by Frito-Lay and it is one of Frito-Lay’s highest-selling brands. 

Let’s look at some amazing facts about Cheetos.

Amazing Facts about Cheetos

1. The first cheese curl

An animal feed manufacturer in Wisconsin accidentally discovered cheese curl while changing his animal feed machine cleaning technique.

2. A janitor invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’

A janitor at Frito-Lay named Richard Montañez sprinkled chilli flakes over regular Cheetos and invented the most popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. He convinced the PepsiCo CEO and climbed the ladder.

3. $4 billion sales

amazing facts about Cheetos

In 2010 among all curly cheese category of products, Cheetos was the top selling brand with a stunning sales figure of $4 billion.

4. Contribution of the US military

US military contributed significantly to the research of dried cheese products, which helped Cheetos to grow.

5. Annual Cheetos production requires 4000 cows

10 million pounds of cheddar cheese is required to meet the production need of Cheetos every year. To meet this gigantic need 4000 cows are milked.

6. Emergency condition after eating Cheetos

After in taking huge amount of Cheetos, children had been sent to hospital due red spotted faeces. Presence of red dye in Cheetos was the reason.

7. Cheeto’s original mascot was an unnamed mouse

Before Chester, the initial and original mascot for Cheetos was an unnamed mouse.

8. A generous brand

A large packet of Cheetos aims to contain around 190 pieces. However, it actually contains around 23o pieces, displaying exceptional generosity.

9. Initially, Cheetos was called Chee-tos

10. Variants of Cheetos

facts about cheetos
Someone kept eating all my cheetos so I had to get a few more at Sam’s Club.

There are around 21 variants of Cheetos globally.

11. Why are Cheetos so addictive?

Cheetos have a vanishing caloric density which makes you crave more and more. It also releases opiate, making it even more addictive.

12. A global brand

It is produced in more than 22 countries in the world.

13. Foray into cosmetics

During the 2016 holiday season, Cheetos came up with a bronzer, and a fragrance which contained extracted cheese-oils.

14. Katy Perry is a fan

Katy Perry is a fan of Cheetos. In 2014, Katy Perry won Halloween back, dressed up as a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.

15. Flamin’ Hot Bagel and cheese

The Bagel Nook introduced the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto overload, a bagel stuffed with cream cheese and FHCs.

 16. The shape of Harambe

A cheeto in the shape of Harambe, a deceased gorilla, was put up on eBay and sold for $99,000.

17. It takes 19 minutes to make a bag of Cheetos

18. The lucky guy

The full-time job of a person is to taste and approve newly-made Cheetos every 4 hours.

19. “It ain’t easy being cheesy”

The famous one-liners of Chester the cheetah like this one made it extremely popular, but also contributed to its ban from TV.

20. Highly inflammable

Stuck outside on a cold night? Cheetos can save your life. Made of pure hydrocarbons and fat, it is an excellent fuel for fire.


These were some of the most amazing facts about Cheetos!

These facts about Cheetos are enough to make your mouth water. Although Cheetos are most popular in the United States, they are still famous all across the world. Most of the times, people love to gorge on Cheetos while binge watching their favourite shows with friends and relatives.

So, which of these amazing facts about Cheetos did you already know?

From the scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like to eat Cheetos? Let us know in the comment section below!

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