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Capitalism & Injustice – Good Governance Is Need Of The Hour

Appalling Tales Of Indignity

Abysmal stories of increasing suicides and crime rate inundate newspaper columns in India.

One such piece of news read, Khemchand, a regular primary school teacher in a government school under the North Delhi Corporation, whose salary of four months was overdue, committed suicide.

Being the sole bread-earner of the family, his helplessness led him to take loans from the bank. Due to piling debt and still no salary, he was unable to pay back the loan. This resulted in the bank filing a court notice against him and fearing indignity, he took his own life. He left behind a grief-stricken, not to say, a feeble family. This is the same plight of other 13,000 primary school teachers in North and East Delhi.

On the next page, another bit of news told a similar story. This time the victim was a 13-year-old girl. Haggard and pallid with hunger, she committed suicide because her family had failed to receive the month’s ration despite having a legitimate ration card. Moreover, her widow mother did not even get the widow pension promised under the scheme of Financial Assistance to Widows.

Unanswered Questions

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What a woeful and depressing state of affairs. Come to think of it, both these instances have something in common.

Try to question yourself, why was Khemchand forced to drown in debts when the government owed him arrears? 

Why was the girl’s family deprived of food and pension when they were obligated to it? 

 Who will take the liability of such callous disregard of lives?

Who will answer these questions?

These sad tales tell the stories of people who were driven to despair by the government’s exploitation and lack of viable governance.

The culpability of the bureaucracy is equal to that of the government. Administration’s sheer negligence is not only sorrowful but highly alarming. Barring the vociferous rabble-rousing and a half-hearted display of grief, the victims fail to get any relief or help whatsoever.

Capitalism And Inequity

On the other hand, we keep hearing how our banking system is reeling in the case of growing NPA’s(Non-Performing Assets). What is NPA if not a euphemism for the loans that the defaulters will probably never repay. With Rs 2.4 lakh crore of loans already written off in the last three years, Banks’ gross NPA increased to whopping Rs 10.3 lakh crore in FY18.

Why is it so easy for corporate honchos and capitalists to extract thousands of crores from Public sector banks? Especially, when the majority of the taxpaying public is deprived of something as basic as one square meal a day.

How are these politicians any different from the British who fell upon us like starving vultures. Behind the veil of propriety, they are plundering our exchequer and allowing the Wolves from all over to tear at us.

Laws For The Capitalists

Sometimes, even the laws are made to cater to them. People are led to believe that the dominance of this class is just, simply using the garb of “Law”. And if people refuse to comply, “Big Stick Diplomacy” is carried out. The state and government are controlled by the exploiting class, the capitalists. It is a salient issue of “Crony Capitalism”.

One of the greatest dangers to the growth of developing nations is the middle- income trap, where crony capitalists create oligarchies that slow down growth”, warned the former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan in 2014.

Mahatma Gandhi would have wept, had he seen the distressing times today, for oligarchy is exactly what he feared. What place does capitalism have in a democracy? However, it seems the capitalists are running the governments, cementing their clout. Cabinet’s approval of 100% FDI in single-brand retail in one such classic example. Not only will it render the local manufacturers vulnerable but also impinge on “Make in India” initiative.


Lack Of Fair Governance

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All those changing governments and Officers are not going to eradicate inequity in the society. Everyone seems to hold the office of the upper echelons with an intention of serving the indigent, of changing the system, at least it is what they harp about. But when one becomes wealthy and catch a whiff of power and authority, the revolutionary fervour which had hitherto been like a bright flickering candle dies a sorry death. A pusillanimous and rapacious bureaucracy paves the way for the politicians to denude the common public of resources. This results in draining of a substantial amount of the Exchequer for the benefit of giant capitalists.

Good and transparent governance is the need of the hour.

“Crony capitalism” will be completely ground the poor of the country under its heels if we don’t demand fair and unbiased governance.

The government should take active steps to mitigate corporate funding. Public awareness programmes should be a mandatory thing for all public institutions to ensure transparency. The government officers who fail to abide by their duty must be duly sacked. The foremost task of the governance is to instil empathy within the politicians and bureaucracy. Without having empathy and altruism, one cannot find reason in the plight of the needy, let alone serving the society.

By bringing good governance to the fore we can save millions of lives. The main task is to eradicate evils like corruption, partisanship, rapacity, nepotism, one-person or family-oriented party system, and most importantly crony capitalism.

There is an urgent need to initiate such reforms to promote good governance. Otherwise, the lower echelon of the society will forever be deprived of dignity and their rights. And the bureaucracy, top executives and politicians will continue to rule with the Draconian attitude of Louis XV of France, infamous for saying “Apres moi le deluge” (After me, the Deluge).

What do you think?

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