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20 Amazing Facts About India

India (ISO: Bhārat), officially the Republic of India. The name ‘India’ is a feminine given name derived from the river Indus. Indus originates from the old Persian word Hindu. The latter term stems from the word “Sindhu”, the Sanskrit word. Here are the 20 amazing facts about India.

Facts About India

1. States & Languages

India has 29 states and according to the analysis of latest census release, more than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues.

2. Official Language

The official language of India is Hindi but does not have any national language.

3. Capital of India

Delhi - The Capital of India

The Capital of India is New Delhi. Which is also the largest city in India and has a total of 11 political zones.

4. Oldest Civilization

Oldest Civilization

India is the oldest, largest and continuous civilization (Indus Valley civilization) of the World.

5. Temples, Mosque & Churches

Facts About India - Temples In India

India has more than 2 Million Hindu temples. Alone 4 states of south India has 108,000 temples. There are more than 400,000 mosques. This outnumbers any other country in the world including the Muslim countries.

6. Religions in India

Religions in India

According to the 2011 census report, 79.8% of Indian population practices Hinduism, 14.2% adhere to Islam, 2.3% adheres to Christianity and 1.7% to Sikhism.

7. 7th Largest Country in the World

India is the 7th largest Country in the World.

8. Largest Democracy in the World

Largest Democracy in the World

India is the largest democratic country in the world.

9. Largest Postal System in the World

Largest Postal System in the World

India has the largest portal system in the world with 154,866 post offices of which 1,39,040 are in rural areas. It is thrice the size of that of China.

10. English as a Language

India is the second largest English speaking country in the world. There are 125,226,449 English speakers in India.

11. Indian Railways

Indian Railways

Indian railway employs 1.4 million people, making it the second-largest employers in the world.

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12. Road Network

Indian Road Network

India has the second-largest road network in the world with 5,903,293 kilometres (3,668,136 mi) as of 31 January 2019.

13. Largest School

The City Montessori School

The City Montessori School, Lucknow (INDIA) is the world’s largest school in terms of students with over 45,000 inductees.

14. Largest Spice Market

Largest Spice Market India

Khari Baoli, New Delhi (India) has the largest wholesale spice market in Asia.

15. Biggest Computer Market

Nehru Place, New Delhi (India) is the biggest computer market in Asia.

16. Largest Clothes Market

Asia’s largest clothes market is in India. Surat Textile market, Gujarat and Chandani Chowk, Delhi ranks first and second respectively.

17. Movie Industry

Indian Movie Industry

Bollywood of India makes the highest number of films in a year, even more than its superior counterpart, Hollywood.

18. Engineers & Scientists

India has the second largest pool of engineers and scientists.

19. Milk Production

Milk Production

World’s 16 percent of Milk production is done in India, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan, and Brazil.

20. News

Approximately 5000 daily newspapers are printed in more than 300 languages.

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