Why Are Indians Crazy About Fake Saints And Self-Proclaimed Babas?

Last year, in August, the government ordered imposition of Section 144 (prohibiting assembly of four or more persons) in Haryana and many parts of Uttar Pradesh, to avert any incident of violence on account of unlawful gathering.

What led to this imposition? Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, guilty of rape, cynical murder and illegal castration had been convicted, rightly so, with 7years of the jail sentence. Justice has been undue.


The Egregious Clamour

Vigilant measures were taken, schools and colleges were shut down and people were compelled to postpone their public and private functions. What engendered so much hullabaloo? Well, these vigilant measures were taken to avert the possible violence from the Dera Sacha Sauda followers. All these prescient measures were taken because it was easy to foresee that “Baba’s true Bhakts”, ignorant and imbecile people would come out on roads, to create an imbroglio, and set trains and buses ablaze.

The people who stood steadfast in Ram Rahim’s support, created a clamour and unwarranted riots, to defend a vile self-proclaimed baba should have been bludgeoned into compliance.

“Who is right? Crores of people who see God in Ram Rahim or that girl who filed a complaint? Accusing a noble soul like Ram Rahim,” this statement by a BJP leader, Sakshi Maharaj, is demeaning, to say the least.

This social quagmire was indescribable. Such hue and cry should have been witnessed if Ram Rahim was given a bail. Ironically, rather than celebrating the fact that justice had prevailed over unjust power, some of our fellow citizens grew decidedly despondent because a perpetrator had been convicted.

Such instances prove that superstition is still very much prevalent in our country.


Is It Naivety?

Why are some people so reluctant to see a mirror? Is it naivety or an acute case of being brainwashed? What sort of myopic glasses were our fellow brothers wearing, that they couldn’t see a dubious man for what he is? How can a goon get away with utter fraud and chicanery when his rapacity is as clear as a day?

This is not the only instance, and sadly will not be the last if people won’t stop worshipping these vile so-called swamis.

It’s so absurd, a man comes out dressed in what seems like a masquerading costume, declares himself a godman and a messiah, and spew a few hymns and half-truth/lies, and suddenly people are more than ready to put him on a pedestal. India being such a cauldron of zealots and religious extremism, selling out this hogwash is a cakewalk.

How brazen it is, when several children died in UP due to the shortage of oxygen, no one came forward to take a stand and now when it comes to some what’s his name Baba, people are ready to take law in their hands.

What an utter mockery of our society and the ostensible culture.


Unseemly Grandeur

A fleet of 700 cars had escorted Ram Rahim to court. Forget about any conscience on this man’s part. Think of the absolute waste of fuel, unnecessary pollution, traffic chaos and parking problems. It was nothing but a sheer display of strength, arrogance and power, a ploy devised to intimidate judiciary.

If I may be so bold, it seems, these days the word “Baba” has become a euphemism for a “hoodlum” and a “thug”. These nefarious Babas don’t have an iota of spirituality in them. They live in palatial houses laden with humongous wealth and enjoy z category security. What significant have these Babas done to enjoy this formidable generosity is anybody’s guess. Furthermore, these Babas are bringing decrepitude to genuine spiritual saints, prided for their austerity, who have left all the earthly comforts and now rely on meagre means for survival.


Playing Pied Piper

In the wake of such disasters, when our so-called nation-loving governments fail, it becomes glaringly obvious that Judiciary is India’s only saving grace. Because even our saintly politicians toe the line to these fraud Babas to win elections and are only concerned with playing the pied piper to the audience.

If the government doesn’t take required steps to stem this subterfuge and the power given to these fraudulent saints is not seized, they will have all the more reasons to exult in the veins of “Veni Vidi Vici”. And India’s quest to become a developed country let alone a superpower will become a Sisyphean impossibility.

Since inception, India has been ruled by blind-faith, caste, creed and religion. The day every village, every district, every city, become educated and sensible enough, then only will the shops of these shady, self-aggrandising Babas will perish. Education and awareness among the masses are our only way out, otherwise, I won’t be surprised if one day these Babas bolster their roots in the politics and start ruling the country, explicitly.


What do you think?

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