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20 Interesting Facts About Andy Murray That Will Blow Your Mind

Andy Murray is one of the most successful British professional tennis players of all time. He became the first British player to win a Wimbledon Men’s singles since 1936, and the first British man to win a Grand Slam (US Open) in 2012, since 1936.

Here are some amazing facts about Andy Murray that you probably have never heard before:

20 Facts About Andy Murray

1. Love for Ice-cream

Andy Murray usually eats up to four ice-creams every day, when in-between tournaments “I can eat ice-cream from midday until I go to bed,” in his own words.

2. Go-karting

Andy Murray is obsessed with go-karting.

3. He does not have a balanced body.

His right arm is stronger than the left, and the opposite is true for his legs.

4. Featured in the TIME magazine

Andy Murray has been described to play a game which is “a concerto of arrhythmic disharmony”.

5. His name is Andy Barron Murray


In Old English, Barron means “young warrior”.

6. Gold Medal troubles

Andy Murray had trouble getting sleep after winning the Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games 2012.

7. Boxing

Andy Murray is a fan of boxing.

8. Andy Murray likes to keep hydrated

Murray likes to keep himself hydrated before a tennis match and checks his urine for the right amounts of water and minerals.

9. The Simon Fuller connect

Andy Murray’s previous manager, Simon Fuller, is a television and film personality, who was voted by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world in 2007.

10. Goldfinger

While growing up, Andy Murray’s favourite movie was the James Bond classic, “Goldfinger”.

11. No alcohol for Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a teetotaller and does not indulge in alcohol.

12. Andy Murray was born with a split kneecap

Pain killers are needed before he enters the court for a game of tennis.

13. A fan of Billy Connolly

As a boy, Andy Murray was a fan of Billy Connolly and his stand-up performances.

14. Andy Murray has become a business investor

He has stakes in over 300 businesses.

15. A doctorate for Andy Murray

He holds an Honorary Doctorate degree certificate from the University of Sterling in recognition of his contributions to tennis.

16. The 1996 Dunblane School massacre connect

Interesting Facts About Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a survivor of the infamous 1996 Dunblane School massacre, the worst such school massacre in British history.

17. Andy Murray is a football fan

He supports the Hibernian Football Club in the Scottish Football League.

18. Andy Murray’s parents divorced

The divorce made him take relationships extremely seriously.

19. Andy Murray is afraid of the fear of emotions in tennis.

He does not believe in not wearing his emotions on his sleeve and would rather give in to emotional outbursts than contain them.

20. Andy Murray thinks that he has a very boring voice

He apparently thinks his voice is not good enough.

Wrap Up

A Scotsman by birth, he has become a national icon in the UK after his exploits in the tennis court, winning several prestigious competitions over the years. He has achieved the unique feat of being a two-time Singles Olympic gold medallist (2012,2016) which is as of yet unmatched by any player, male or female. He has also been ranked World No. 1 in Men’s category.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading these interesting facts about Andy Murray.

Who is your favourite Tennis player out of the Big 4? Ours is Andy Murray – let us know yours in the comment section below!

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