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20 Interesting Facts About Apple

Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 in California, USA by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple Inc. became one of the most valuable companies in the world and is currently one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Facebook, Google and Amazon. In early 2019, it reclaimed the title of the most valuable public company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Amazon.

Here are 20 interesting facts about Apple:

Interesting Facts About Apple

1. Of cars and calculators

Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Steve Wozniak sold his scientific calculator to raise funds to start Apple.

2. No Samba beats

Apple could not sell its products in Brazil for a long time, as the name was copyrighted by a company called IGM electronics there.

3. iPhone gratis

Every Apple employee received an iPhone free of cost, at one time, from Steve Jobs himself.

4. The Bill Gates connect

Amazing Facts About Apple

In 1997, Bill Gates breathed fresh life into Apple with a $150 million investment, saving it from imminent bankruptcy.

In 1997, Bill Gates breathed fresh life into Apple with a $150 million investment, saving it from imminent bankruptcy. Click To Tweet

5. The airway

Apple does not ship any product in any way other than air.

6. Codename Ferrari

Apple products usually have code names. The iPhone X is code-named the ‘Ferrari’.

7. 666.666

The first Apple computer was built for $666.666 in a devilish twist.

8. A case of revenue more than GDP

Apple has a yearly revenue greater than the GDP of Iraq and Ecuador.

9. Apple?

Steve Jobs named the company as ‘Apple’ after he came back from a visit to an apple farm.

10. The Alan Turing saga

At one time, there was a rumour that Apple was named after the brilliant English mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by cyanide poisoning, and was found with a half-eaten apple by his side.

11. In the line of fire

Amazing Facts About Apple

Steve Jobs was fired by Apple in 1985, despite being its founder.

After a few years of starting Apple, Steve Jobs realised a need for a person who could create business strategies and spread Apple internationally. So he hired John Sculley, the Ex CEO of PepsiCo, to run the company alongwith him.

After the failure of Mac Lisa, mainly because of its hefty price tag, Steve Jobs and John Sculley had different ideas regarding the future of Apple. Steve Jobs believed in creating “revolutionary and world-changing” products, while John Sculley wanted to make profits.

Arguments heated up between the two. The Board of directors held a vote and came to the conclusion to fire Steve Jobs.

Undoubtedly, it’s amongst the most interesting facts about Apple. ?

Steve Jobs was fired by Apple in 1985, despite being its founder. Click To Tweet

12. The Chinese affair

Despite trade wars between the USA and China, China remains the second biggest market for Apple, with annual revenue of around $20 billion.

13. No smoking

Smoking near and around Apple computers render any warranty void.

14. A bad decision

One of the co-founders, Ronald Wayne, left the company only 12 days after founding it. He sold his 10% share for $800. The 10% share is currently worth $60 billion.

15. Surpassing the US treasury

At one point in time, the operating cash balance of Apple Inc. was nearly twice that of the US treasury.

16. Lisa

Apple Inc. is not only a series of success stories. In 1983, it launched Lisa, a line of computers. Lisa tanked miserably.

17. A stroke of luck

The creator of iPod, Tony Fadell, had initially offered the device to Philips, who turned it down. It then went to Apple, who revolutionized the music industry with it.

18. Shopping day?

Apple has so much excess capital that it could simply buy out Facebook, Netflix or Twitter.

19. Tripod or Telepod?

The revolutionary iPod was almost named as Tripod or Telepod.

20. The I in the name

The ‘i’ in the Apple products stand for internet, individuality and innovation.

Today, Apple operates more than 500 stores in around 20 countries and is a trillion-dollar company. A company known for its unique innovations in technology, there is much more coming up from the side of Apple to mesmerize its customers in the near future.

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