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The 20 Most Interesting Facts About Asian food

I am sure you are excited to read these interesting facts about Asian food.

After all, most of the people like Asian food, which is why the curiosity to know about it is not shocking.

From Chinese noodles to Indian curry, Asian food is popular all across the world.

Moreover, it is renowned the world over for being one of the most delectable cuisines. All across the globe, wherever you go, you will always find an Asian restaurant nearby. There are many varieties like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and so on.

The delightful use of spices to great effect leaves one craving for more.

To give you more insights into your favourite food type, today we will talk about some of the most interesting facts about Asian food.

Here are some quirky facts about Asian food:

Interesting Facts About Asian Food

1. Eating soup the wrong way


Yes, the soup is not a starter in Chinese cuisine. It is actually eaten after the main course, to help in digesting the food.

2. Chinese food is the healthiest


No butter, cream, mayonnaise or cheese is used to prepare Chinese food, making it one of the healthiest.

3. Chopsticks are ancient

Chopsticks are ancient, 5000 years old to be precise.

4. Noodles are 4000 years ago


Lajia, a historic place in North China gifted noodles to the world, 4000 years ago.

5. The ‘chop suey’, is a motley collection of food

The favourite dish of millions of people, the ‘chop suey’, is a motley collection of food. It translates into ‘miscellaneous leftovers’. It is indigenous to the USA, but entirely made by Chinese immigrants.

6. Sea urchins, anyone?

Sea urchins are a rage in Japan. However, it is more of an acquired taste.

7. The Michelin star

facts-about-asian-food Michelin star

Lung King Heen was the first Chinese eatery to garner 3 stars from Michelin.

8. Asian food is cut and chopped into small, bite-sized pieces

interesting facts about asian food

Most Asian food is cut and chopped into small, bite sized pieces, to facilitate eating using chopsticks.

9. The Colombian connect

Although Chinese food is largely indigenous, it has had some influence from the Spanish settlers in Colombia back in the day, by way of trade.

10. Cantonese cuisine

The Cantonese cuisine has a diverse mix of meats to choose from, ranging from snakes to duck tongue and even chicken feet.

11. Yogurt was originated in Central Asia.

Although it is a delicacy in the western world, the yogurt originated in Central Asia.

12. Horse meat 

While eating horse meat is a taboo in a majority of western countries, it is freely cooked and consumed in Central and eastern Asian countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

13. The Biryani was originated in the Indian subcontinent

facts about asian food

The Biryani was originated in the Indian subcontinent due to the Muslim rule. It is also consumed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq. It is quite a spicy dish, which is renowned for the burst of flavors it provides inside the mouth.

14. Tempura is heavily influenced by the cooking techniques of the 16th century Portuguese

While it is a dish indigenous to Japan, the current form of tempura is heavily influenced by the cooking techniques of the 16th century Portuguese, then living in Nagasaki.

15. The Kumro ful bhaja (Pumpkin tempura)

A delicacy in Eastern India and Bangladesh, this is nothing but an Indianised version of tempura.

16. Fragrant meat alert

Fragrant meat, all over China, refers to dog meat. So, it is best to be careful and know what it means.

17. Forks and knives

These are a strict no-no in a Chinese household, as they negatively view their presence while eating.

18. The Beijing Roast Duck

At one time, no one had the permission to eat it except the Emperor of China.

19. Gorging on ice-cream? Thanks China for its invention!

facts about Asian food

Ice-cream was originated in China nearly 2000 years ago.

20. Chinese food is exceedingly varied

The Chinese eat an array of delights. Some of the things that the Chinese people eat might even shock you. Chinese cuisine include pig’s ears, head, feet, boiled blood, liver, kidney, intestines, heart and lungs, dogs, snakes, and insects.


These were some of the most interesting facts about Asian food.

Asian cuisine has a great variety. The best thing is that there are different types of Asian foods, so whether you like it hot and spicy or bland and mellow, there is something for everyone!

Which one of these interesting facts about Asian food did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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