14 Interesting Facts About Australia You Should Know

Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Comprising of a land area of about 7.692 million square kilometres, it is the sixth-largest country in the world. The country is inundated with several beautiful, mystical beaches and consists of numerous small islands. And all this doesn’t even begin to cover the interesting facts about Australia.

Want to know more about the beautiful island country?

Here are some astonishing, amazing and interesting facts about Australia.

Interesting Facts About Australia

1. Australia has the world’s longest highway

Australia has world’s longest highway

Highway 1 of Australia is the longest highway in the world. It’s about 14,500 km long.

2. The population of kangaroos is more than that of humans

Amazing Facts About Australia - The population of kangaroos is more than that of humans
The population of kangaroos is more than that of humans Click To Tweet

There are 50 million kangaroos in Australia which is much more than the human population. Also, the growth rate is quite high as there were 45 million kangaroos in 2016 and now they have increased by 5 million.

Kangaroo population estimates

3. Australia has 10,000 beaches

Amazing Facts About Australia - Australia has 10,000 beaches
Australia has 10,000 beaches, more than any other country in the world. Click To Tweet

Australia’s coastline stretches across 50,000 kilometres and has 10,000 beaches. Which is more than any other country in the world.

4. Australian alps get more snow than Switzerland’s alps

Australia experiences very heavy snowfall in June and September. Because of this Australia is an ideal location for skiing lovers.

Blue cow mountain is the most popular alps.

5. 90% of Australians live on the coast within 50 km


Australia has a lot of barren lands, mostly central Australia. All the major cities are located near the seashore. Australia has a very long coastline and it has more than 10,000 beaches.

6. Most of the animals of Australia are unique

Approximately 80% of Australian animals are unique. Some of them are kangaroos, koalas and platypuses.

7. One of the first countries to allow women to vote


Australia is the second country which allowed women to vote after it’s neighbouring nation New Zealand.

8. World’s oldest fossil was found here

The world’s oldest fossil which is 3.4 billion years old was found in Australia.

9. Australia is a land of sheep


The total population of sheep in Australia is approximately 150 million, whereas the total population of humans is 20 million only which means that there are 8 sheets for everyone.

10. World’s longest golf course exits in Australia


What can be the maximum length of a golf course?

Do you think 30 miles! Then you are wrong, a golf course measuring more than 850 miles exists in Australia.

11. Egg-laying animals live in Australia

The only two mammals in the world that lay eggs are found in Australia. They are platypus and echidna.

12. ¼th of the Australian were born in another country

¼th of the Australian were born in another country Click To Tweet

A report shows that 25% of Australian are born in another country.

13. Land of venomous snakes

Australia is a land of venomous snakes. 21 out of 25 most venomous snakes exists in Australia, which is much more than any other continent or country. Click To Tweet

14. 200 languages are spoken in Australia

There are over 200 languages spoken in Australia. This includes English, Greek, Italian, Mandarin and Arabic.

English is the most commonly spoken language in Australia.

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