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20 Interesting Facts About Burberry That You Probably Didn’t Know

When we think of British luxury fashion brands, Burberry is one of the first which comes to the mind. Burberry has shaped the fashion industry with its unique designs and features. 

Let’s look at few interesting facts about Burberry, one of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

Interesting Facts About Burberry

1. 21-year old innovator

Thomas Burberry founded Burberry 160 years ago when he was in his early twenties. Young Thomas Burberry understood the need of exploring outdoor attire and developed iconic styles. 

2. Rainwear redefined

In 1989 Thomas Burberry invented water-proof but breathable cotton- Garbadine and mixed his sense of style with it. English-woven cotton Garbadine Trench Coat is the signature style of Burberry.

3. Thomas Burberry used to work in a local draper’s shop 

Thomas Burberry used to work as an apprentice at a local draper’s store before he opened his first Burberry store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England in 1856

4. The Knight logo

The Burberry Equestrian Knight logo was developed in the year 1901. The logo has the Latin word “Prorsum” which means forward. The logo was trademarked later in 1909.

5. Outfit of the first man to reach the South Pole

Burberry was worn by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen during his expedition to Antarctica

6. Battlefield attire – signature trenchcoat

During World War 1, Thomas Burberry modified his signature trenchcoat into a battlefield attire, including trench warfare.Mr.

7. Burberry was a non-drinker

Mr. Burberry was a teetotaller and a vocal campaigner against tobacco.

8. World-record breaker

Betty Kirby-Green flew 45 hours straight from London to Cape Town to wearing a Burberry, breaking a standing world record.

9. Burberry London

CEO Christopher Bailey renamed Burberry as Burberry London, and faced severe backlash.

10. Ten thousand employees

facts about Burberry

Burberry currently employs ten thousand people globally.

11. Burberry building

interesting facts about Burberry - Burberry building, London

The iconic century-old former Burberry headquarters which still stands at Haymarket, London, is called the Burberry building.

12. Foray into artificial intelligence

The iconic brand is dabbling with artificial intelligence and VR to further enhance customer experience.

13. The Ernest Shackleton connect

The man who led the expedition to Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton, was clothed by Burberry since 1911.

14. The Art of the Trench

Burberry encouraged people all over the world are encouraged to upload their pictures wearing Burberry trenchcoat.

15. The fatal Mount Everest climb attempt

George Mallory was clothed in a Burberry during his fatal attempt at scaling the Everest in 1924.

16. Facebook chatbot

Burberry was the first fashion house to offer customised experiences by launching Facebook chatbot in 2016.

17. Japanese market

Burberry Black Label and Burberry Blue Label are two brands catering specifically to the Japanese market.

18. Snapcode campaign

Scent dispensing posters were put up in London as a marketing campaign for Mr. Burberry.

19. WeChat associations

Burberry is associated with WeChat to explore the e-commerce market in China.

20. Environmental commitment

Burberry features in the RE100 with a commitment to entirely shift to renewable sources of energy by 2022. It aims at maximizing carbon neutrality.


These were some of the most interesting facts about Burberry!

Burberry is not only an iconic and heritage brand but also a trailblazer when it comes to incorporating the latest technologies and trends.

From its iconic trench coat to its premium cashmere scarves, Burberry products are loved by thousands even millions of people across the world. On top of that, the iconic brand lives up to its expectations and creates some of the most high-quality clothes in the world.

What is your favorite Burberry product? Let us know in the comment section below!

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