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20 Interesting Facts About Computers Everyone Should Know

The concept of the modern computer lay in the works of the enigmatic Alan Turing, an English mathematician. However, the foundations were laid by the “father of the computer” Charles Babbage in the 19th century. The modern era has been shaped and moulded by computers and we cannot imagine life without it. 

To give you more insights into computers, here are 20 fascinating facts about computers:

20 Fascinating Facts About Computers

1. The first known use of the word “computer” was in 1613

As strange as it may sound, it was first mentioned in a book called “The Young Man’s Gleanings” by Richard Brathwait.

2. The first mechanical computer belongs to the 19th century

first mechanical computer

Yes, the first usable mechanical computer was made in the late 19th century.

3. The first digital computer was huge

It weighed in excess of 25,000 kilograms and occupied 1800 square feet.

The first digital computer weighed in excess of 25,000 kilograms and occupied 1800 square feet. Click To Tweet

4. We are running low on physical money

Little more than 10% of the world’s money is fiat money. The rest are just numbers on a computer.

5. What is the longest meaningful word you can type using a single keyboard row?

Typewriter. It is a bit of poetic justice.

6. How many computer viruses are there?

Every month, more than 6000 are released.

7. Who invented the mouse?

Doug Engelbart in 1964, and it was made of wood.

8. How small is the world’s tiniest computer?

The world’s largest computer is only a little larger than a grain of rice, as of now.

9. IBM will make a computer that is even smaller than a grain of rice

No, IBM has recently announced that it is making an even smaller one, measuring 0.33 mm on each side.

10. Are computer passwords secure?

It depends. The USA had the password for nuclear missiles set at 00000000 for around 8 years.

11. Organized crime in the computer business?

Over 60% of virus creators are on the payroll of criminal gangs.

12. We do not blink when we use computer

We blink 15-20 times per minute normally. While using a computer, it becomes 5-7 times.

13. Stop spamming

More than 75% of emails received in a day are spams.

14. Was Windows always Windows?

No, it was called Interface Manager back in the day.

15. Back when data was costly in the 1980s

The first 1 GB hard disk drive was priced at $40,000 and weighed 250 kilograms.

16. The Dirty Dozen

The nickname of 12 engineers who designed the IBM PC.

17. The first microprocessor was created for a calculator

The 4004 was envisioned by Intel to be used in a calculator originally. And then, one thing led to another.

18. The word “computer” was first attested in the 1640s

It referred to “someone who calculates” at that time.

19. The first machine was entirely made by hand 

Charles Babbage made the first computer entirely manually.

20. We came very close to never having computers

The British decided to scrap the project to make computers and stopped funding for Charles Babbage.

Wrap Up

So, these were some of the most interesting and fascinating facts about computers.

Creating the first computer was nothing short of an engineering marvel. In the current era of digitalization, we can only applaud the genius of the creators, who were much ahead of their times.

How many facts did you already know? Do you know some other interesting facts about computers that we didn’t cover?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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