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20 Interesting Facts About Jawaharlal Nehru


Curious to know about the interesting facts about Jawaharlal Nehru?

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The charismatic and Harrow-educated aristocrat Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of independent India.

One of India’s foremost and most prominent independence leaders, he was a lawyer by profession.

He was the son of Motilal Nehru, another prominent figure in pre-independence Indian politics, and was mentored by Mahatma Gandhi.

A firm believer in socialism, Nehru was described by Amar Chitra Katha as the ‘Architect of India’.

Here are 20 interesting facts about Jawaharlal Nehru:

1. 11 times unlucky

Jawaharlal Nehru was nominated for as many as 11 times for the Nobel Prize between 1950-1955 but never won.

2. Nehru was a chain smoker

Interesting Facts About Jawaharlal Nehru

Nehru was a chain smoker, and smoked only the 555 brand of cigarettes.

3. Tight-fisted

Nehru was famous for being extremely frugal with government funds, even on official visits abroad. He was, however, spend-thrift with his own money.

4. The left turn

A socialist at heart, Nehru engineered Congress’s ideological turn towards the left when he became the Congress president in 1929.

5. The Non-aligned Movement

The movement was realised through the efforts of Jawaharlal Nehru along with the Yugoslav President Tito, in 1961.

6. The Theosophical Society

An impressionable Nehru was inducted into the Theosophical Society, aged only 13, by Annie Besant.

7. The Japanese influence

Nehru became a nationalist in childhood itself, heavily inspired by Japanese exploits in their war against Russia between 1904-1905.

8. Unwavering loyalty

After the Chauri Chaura incident in 1922, many Congress members opposed Gandhi, including Motilal Nehru, the father of Jawahar. However, Jawaharlal remained loyal to Gandhi.

9. Gift of gold

Gift of Gold

A jeweller from Ahmedabad once sent a packet of gold coins as a gift for Nehru on his birthday, with each coin representing one year of his life. Nehru thanked the jeweller and retained only one coin, and deposited the rest in the government funds.

10. Refusing Benito Mussolini

Nehru refused to meet Mussolini once in the 1930s, despite being requested for one. He was against fascism in any form.

11. Longest-serving PM

Nehru, with an 18-year tenure, remains the longest-serving Prime Minister of India.

12. Declaring RSS Illegal

Nehru was instrumental in declaring RSS illegal

Following Gandhi’s brutal assassination, Nehru was instrumental in declaring RSS illegal, in 1948.

13. Red Fort

After independence, Nehru became the first person to hoist the tricolour atop the Red Fort.

14. Children’s day

Being extremely fond of children, Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s day in India.

15. The survivor

Nehru survived no less than four assassination attempts. The first was in 1947, then 1955, 1956 and lastly in 1961.

16. Commitment to progress

Under Nehru’s guidance, world-class institutes like AIIMS, IITs, IIMs and the NITs were established.

17. Nehru pushed for the adoption of Hindi as the official language of India

Nehru pushed for the adoption of Hindi as the official language of India after he became Prime Minister, and met with severe opposition.

18. UN Security Council

Nehru inexplicably and infamously favoured China over India for a seat at the UN Security Council in 1955.

19. A visionary

Nehru must be credited for the statesmanship exhibited by the establishment of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1948.

20. A unique first

Nehru commissioned the first-ever study on the effects of the nuclear explosion on human health, after becoming the Indian Prime Minister.

Wrap Up

So these were some of the most interesting facts about Jawaharlal Nehru!

A far-sighted and prescient leader, Nehru shaped modern India through his policies. He had his own set of flaws, but it is beyond contest that he was one of the brightest sons of Mother India.

Which of these interesting facts about Jawaharlal Nehru did you like the most? Comment below!

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