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20 Interesting Facts About Pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most loved fast foods. The modern pizza originated in Napoli, Italy. It has become a household name in Europe, America and Asia, with many pizzerias to choose from. In 2017, it was also included in UNESCO’s list of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

Here are 20 Interesting Facts About Pizza:

1. The word ‘pizza’ first appeared in a Latin text

The word ‘pizza’ first appeared in a Latin text from the Italian town of Gaeta, in 997 AD. It was then a part of the Byzantine empire.

2. National Pizza month

The US celebrates the month of October as the ‘National Pizza month’.

3. Pizza Expo

Pizza is so popular in the US that Las Vegas, Nevada, actually has an International Pizza Expo, attended by thousands of invitees.

4. Pizza theorem

There is actually a mathematical theorem named after pizza, called the ‘Pizza theorem’.

5. Pizza brain

Well, ‘Pizza Brain’ is a pizza museum located in the heart of Philadelphia, USA, stacked up with all things related to pizza.

6. Dipping sauce

Dipping sauce for pizza was invented in 1984, by Papa John’s in the US.

Interesting Facts About Pizza
Interesting Facts About Pizza

7. Pizza in space

A 6-inch pizza was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001, to Russian astronaut Yuri Usachov.

8. National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day
Interesting Facts About Pizza

Yes, there is one. It is celebrated on the 9th of February in the US.

9. Margherita

The first Margherita pizza was prepared for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Italy, during their visit to Napoli in 1889.

10. Octavian Augustus

The largest pizza in the world was made in Rome in 2012 and had an area of 13580 square feet. It was named ‘Octavian Augustus’, after the Roman emperor.

11. $130 billion

The pizza industry is worth around $130 billion USD globally.

12. Pizza everyday

Around 13% of the US population consumes pizza every day.

13. Lombardi’s since 1905

Lombardi’s pizzeria was the first pizza shop to open in the USA. It opened in 1905 in Manhattan, New York City.

14. US military and pizza

The US military came up with a ready-to-eat pizza in 2017, that can last up to three years.

15. Bill Murray and Jean-Claude Van Damme

Both of these superstars used to work at pizza restaurants before getting famous.

16. Hawaiian pizza

Although its name suggests otherwise, it was actually invented in Canada, with the addition of pineapples.

17. Pie or slice?

At first, pizzas in the US were sold by the pie. ‘Patsy’s Pizzeria’ in New York City started selling pizzas by the slice in 1933, which became very popular.

18. Pizza-man

Pizza-man is the world’s only pizza-themed superhero movie.

19. Pizza flavoured beer

Not only that, pizza flavoured condoms, cigarettes, ice-cream and potato chips are also in the US market.

20. The Dough doctor

The Dough doctor is Tom Lehmann, a pizza expert, associated with the American Institute of Baking. He solves unique problems related to pizza-making and his clients include people from all over the globe.

Pizza is one of the most loved foods on the planet. With the ease of snacking and the irresistible taste that pizzas provide, it is no surprise that an average American eats around 6000 slices of pizza in his lifetime. Looks like pizza is here to stay!

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