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Gandhi, A Great Soul -Why Mahatma Matters More Than Ever

One only has to read Hind Swaraj or Indian Home rule to understand Mahatma Gandhi, the man who singlehandedly brought India’s freedom struggle renaissance to the fore. The man was truly a Mahatma- a great soul. What is more astonishing is that he did all that and more, without using any brute force.


Mahatma Gandhi At First Glance




At first glance, no one would have considered this thin, half-clothed, bespectacled man, often seen with a calm countenance, to be so powerful. However, he turned out to be the most ramboesque of them all. What he lacked in physical strength, he more than made up with his grit and love for the country. And in terms of moral strength, he was a towering man. Contrary to the general narrative, he believed that using violent means to protest is effeminate, and rightly so. His non-violent movements are a tacit agreement of his saying, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.

With his non-violent methods, from Champaran & Kheda to his famous Dandi March, ostensibly inspired by Boston’s tea party of 1773, so on and so forth, he shook the British and possibly the whole world, to the core.

His writings, his life and his vision are worthy of perusal to this day, now more than ever when, If I may be so bold, a bunch of louts and local goons masquerading as political leaders using a few cherry-picked statements, distorted and misinterpreted facts, are spreading lies and trying to sully Mahatma’s sacrosanct name.

Using the ubiquitous social media they are even succeeding in their egregious propaganda. The youth of the country, without even comprehending the reality, is being misled into believing this hogwash. Every minuscule being, not even fit to utter his name, is turned against him without actually reading about his vision, achievements and ideology. It is not the case of half-knowledge, is it the case of downright ignorance, which is supposedly more dangerous.


How Mahatma Gandhi’s Name Is Maligned

For political vendetta, Gandhi was brutally gunned down and for political vendetta, only his achievements are ostracised and undermined.

It is woefully alarming when we see the glorification of Nathuram Godse, without any shame, without any fear. Choosing between Godse and Gandhi is not a situation between Scylla and Charybdis, it is an assiduous choice between right and wrong, lie and truth, devil and saint.

You know that a country has hit a low morally when an unwarranted mudslinging is done on its father’s name, his killer is honoured with an effigy and the children just sit back and watch as silent spectators without being wholly averse to it.

Napolean Bonaparte famously quipped “there are only two powers in the world: the spirit and the sword, in the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit”, ironical for the man who said it, however, it fits Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of our nation,  for he conquered not only India but the world by his unsullied and pure spirit.

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