Poona Pact, 1932 by Mahatma Gandhi

It is skewed to assert, as has become a fashion these days, that Mahatma Gandhi wronged Dalits when he refused to comply with English machination to bestow separate electorates to the “Depressed Classes” and somehow Gandhi and Nehru are to be blamed for the partition. Gandhi being the astute man he was, realized the reason behind this largesse, which was most likely a ploy to inflame a communal divide.

Gandhi, himself a votary of Dalit’s plight, assiduously signed “Poona Pact” with B.R Ambedkar, which engendered reservation to suppressed classes, in place of “The Communal Award” put forward by the English.
Had “The Communal Award” been signed, communal violence between Dalits and Hindus would have been as palpable as is between Muslims and Hindus. Furthermore, today we can debate all we want, however, the Britons would have divided India nonetheless. They were just biding their time by endorsing so-called puritanical policies so as to come out unscathed of any opprobrium. The seeds of Hindu-Muslim enmity were already sown when on 19 July 1905 Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon advanced partition of Bengal.

“I am very much opposed to the handing over of India to Hindu caste rule, as seems very largely to be intended…” wrote Churchill, in a letter to Jinnah dated August 3, 1946. In one letter, which Jinnah wrote back home from England, he hinted at a newfound nexus with Churchill. It seems Nehru’s suspicion was not so unfounded.

British Empire: Treachery behind Divide & Rule

It is a fallacy to see British Empire through myopic eyes and deem it as a paragon of virtue when it was anything but. They have sown the seeds of acrimony and penury wherever they had set foot. From North Korea-South Korea and India-Pakistan to Palestine-Israel.

Divide and Rule was a deliberate strategy. Nothing more diabolical and noxious can ever happen to India. An already denuded India was mutilated and her own progeny had been turned into her most bitter enemy. Unfortunately, we’re only left with finding faults with the policies of our founding fathers who laid down the map of a modern India. An irreparable damage of most callous disregard was done to India for which separatists are to be blamed not the integrationists.

As is cogent when India is juxtaposed with Pakistan, the former was governed by the integrationists and the latter by the separatists.

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