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Does Power And Money Corrupt Leaders?

History is replete with examples of autocrats facing a harsh end. Even in the recent past, several autocrats have been beleaguered for their attempt of undermining democracy. For a minute, if we let go of the high-handedness of their regime, we discover that almost all of them had been venerated as revolutionary heroes, which had been their sole ticket to fame and power.

Take for example Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, et al. One wonders how does the revolutionary fervour, which had hitherto been so bright, suddenly dies down when one assumes power and smells the beguiling scent of wealth.

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega has somewhat a similar story. Ortega had been at the helm of the guerrilla movement which overthrew the regime of erstwhile dictator Anastasio Somoza. However, now, the turmoil in Nicaragua is enough to perceive how Ortega has made a farce of democracy. There should be no place of despotism in democracy. Ortega should see the light before it’s too late, else he might end up pushing Nicaragua into unimaginable perils.

Daniel Ortega and the others like him, who, in the past left no stone unturned in their quest to bring justice to their beloved countries, when came into power, had a remarkable volte-face in characteristics; tampered with laws as per their whims, intimidated media and opposition. All this and more, just to remain in power.

In various garbs such as Socialism, Communism, Maoism so on and so forth, they led their country to kleptocracy and tyranny. And while the civilians continue to face penury and poor governance, they amass a fortune through perfidy and embarking on rampant corruption.

A nation cannot be called a democracy unless it strives for egalitarianism and pluralism, doing away with the evils such as capitalism, corruption and nepotism, the notions which are antithetical to the very ethos of democracy.
Moreover, egalitarianism should not be present in name only where the distribution of votes is egalitarian but not of resources. Until then the civilians have a fight on their hands with their respective ruling establishment.

What do you think?

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