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Racism In America – The USA Is Not As Racist As They Say 

Slavery is probably one of the biggest reasons for racism against black people from the Caribbean region. It is one egregious folly that apparently emanated from the ostensible glory of the British crown and the history of imperialism.
However, in colonial-era racism was spread like fire in the US as well. Even after slavery was abolished, racism was still a plague that inflicted the USA. 

Racism In The USA

Even after slavery was abolished, racism still continued to inflict the USA like a plague. People of color were still deprived of basic fundamental rights enjoyed by their white counterparts. They continued to suffer degeneration in the form of wage disparity, as a result, they had to lead an impoverished life. 
Racism was not confined to black people only, Polish, Irish, Italians, people from South-East Asia and Middle-Eastern countries were not treated any better. People were subjected to. “Xenophobia”, a euphemism for bigotry and racism against people of different ethnicity.  
However, since the past few decades, one can laud America for being a free country who adopted the tenets that entail liberty, equality, right to life and estate, as cited by one of its founding father John Locke.
Having said that, the turmoil that the world saw in Charlottesville last year belies such ethos. White supremacists, using the ostensible cloak of nationalism gathered to protest against the removal of pro-slavery Confederate general Robert E Lee’s statue from a park. 
Recently, shocking reports emerged showing that between October 2017 and May 2018 at least 1995 immigrant children were separated from their parents. The ongoing inhumane treatment of the immigrants in the U.S. belie the tenets on which 13 colonies integrated and went on to become the great and seemingly, larger than life, the United States Of America.
One cannot help but flinch in shock and revulsion after witnessing heart-breaking, fear-stricken faces and cries of children on the Mexico Border. 
While the racism is not prevailing like a plague, however, the aforementioned instances prove that complete abolition of racism in the USA is still a far-reaching dream. 

The USA Against Racism


Since inception, several people in the USA fought with grit and conviction to do away with evils like slavery and racism.
People like Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for black people’s right to live with dignity turned out to be successful and were widely supported by people of all race, including whites in large numbers.
Racism In America
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Then there was Rosa Parks, a bespectacled woman with a calm countenance, turned out she had steel in her spine when she courageously refused to surrender her seat to a fellow white passenger in a racially segregated bus in Montgomery, singlehandedly spurred the revolutionary “Montgomery Bus Boycott” in 1955. 
It seems, all their commendable efforts weren’t for naught.  
Today, notwithstanding a few racial instances, the fact that the United States is home to about one-fifth of all global migrants reflects its embracing nature. Migrants flee their home-countries to enjoy various privileges in the USA, better work condition, liberty, and freedom, to name a few.
Amy L. Chua, an American Lawyer, and writer pointed out in her book Political Tribes,No other major power in the world has ever democratically elected a racial minority head of state.” 
The USA is not completely free of racism, however, to completely disregard its inclusive nature is nothing short of erroneous. Undermining its free, uninhibited spirit will tantamount to disregard the efforts that its founding fathers put in liberating it from the evil clutches of racism, bigotry, and jingoism. 
What do you think of racism in the USA? Will racism ever wholly end in the USA or is it bound to get worse?

What do you think?

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